Events update 16.07.16

General concept

The idea is that for a few days in September there will be educational / entertainment events relating to the Twinning Project and culminating in a 3 day pop up ‘refugee experience’ to fundraise and awareness raise for the project. Events will be centred around the Hill Station . Note that the focus will be the specific camp conditions where we are working. Not other refugee situations.

Note that these are notes from ideas discussed – they are not yet plans

Ideas for Installation

  1. To have someone at the door stopping people as they come in.
    a) ask them to leave their phone or something of value
    b) ask them to create their own ID with which they can get food
    c) delay them for 5 minutes after they want to leave.
  2. Installation, to have all the café windows blacked out
  3. Install an L shape wall at the entrance so that people can’t see in as they approach the door
    a) To have that wall divide the easy side from the hard side (people find different levels of difficulty as they choose whether to go left or right).
  4. Inside, we will remove all furniture and niceness and make it as monochrome as possible.
  5. We will build a replica of a shelter.
  6. We will project footage from Azraq onto the background using The Café’s projector and audio
    a) it will have high level of wind
    b) it won’t be like a narrative film, the material will be as unedited as possible
  7. The space will be disorganised. Cushions and other things piled up and people might have to organise themselves.


Main Objective: Celebration of Syrian Culture

  1. Photo-journalism project – adolescents
  2. Story Telling
  3. Syrian Music Night – Pop up Restaurant.
  4. Actors cook while telling a compelling story then share the food as well
  5. Stage a discussion or an impro with actors
  6. Comedy night about Pain and loss – quiz game/ disco night
  7. Syrian Women Night… women focus on the challenges ahead and something to be done at the Camp.
  8. Drama – about unexpected loss
  9. Exile Poetry – Spoken Word Night – people choose poems to read about leaving their homeland behind
  10. Sponsored Sleepovers at the ‘camp’
  11. Discussion

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