Radio update. 16.07.2016


The overall idea is to address the isolation and poor support networks of many of the women in the camp by creating a magazine style daily podcast that is broadcast via a mobile unit which travels around the camp and then parks up between houses.


  1. Theme tune to attract attention (like the ice cream van jingle) and encourage women to listen – and eventually to emerge and sit together to listen and maybe chat afterwards
  2. A short episode (7 minutes) of a soap opera set in an imaginary small Syrian town (a la ‘Azraq Archers’) – not the camp itself – which addresses similar issues eg neighbour disputes, food shortages, trauma, bored teenagers looking for trouble, elders struggling to adapt).
    A short term option is to use Boz’s soap opera
  3. Information pieces eg an interview with a woman who has been to the adult training centre for the first time
  4. Traditional Syrian music
  5. Children’s storytime (a la ‘Listen with mother’)
  6. Existing podcasts? (tbc)
  7. Existing audio books (via Catherine’s contact in Amman)


  • Get more info about Boz’s work to check for suitability / availability (Patricio)
  • Contact for potential writers (Catherine)
  • Contact SAID Foundation re funding (Catherine)
  • Contact Flick / Dorothy re Syrian arts / refugees
  • Contact Felicity re BBC (Kate)

We also discussed the possibility of corporate sponsorship and need to follow up on that. Virgin? (Mark S), Sennheiser, Pure, Philips?

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