Update 04.09.16

We are planning to go back Oct 15th to do the next wave. Waiting on the Jordanian Police to give permission which will take up to four weeks apparently…
When we are there we hope to
  • build two more squares
  • make a shade structure for gathering and chatting – which will include a solar powered LED installation
  • pilot the Pop Up Time Machine (nee Refugee Radio). All Syrian audio material very welcome, could be music, poetry, storytelling – for adults or children
  • We are planning a fundraising event on Oct 7th at the Hill Station – Syria’s Got Talent. Featuring music, magic, storytelling etc. and Syrian pizza. If you know anyone who would like to perform, help with the bar, or get involved get in touch.
  • We are also encouraging people to do their own fundraising – they can set up a page on our Just Giving webpage. We already have one volunteer who is going to be busking. Maybe connected things eg sponsored giveaway of clothes to a refugee charity, sponsored sleep-out … interested to see what comes up!

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