October Update

Well if our plans had worked out I would be writing this from Jordan. Alas things have not gone quite so smoothly and because of increased security we didn’t get our permits from the local police in time to head out yesterday as planned.

However, we won’t be so easily put off!

We are in discussions with CARE, our host NGO, about going in January instead. and if things haven’t improved by then, we will find other ways. If nothing else this project has taught us to be resourceful and resilient! And of course it has taught us many other things too. How incredibly lucky we are for one, to live in this – even imperfect – democracy, to have homes and freedom and futures. And taught us how it is possible to have connections with people from a different culture in a different environment, even without a shared language. It has taught us too that even though the problem is overwhelming, and a solution seems a long way off, it is still possible to bring moments of joy and connection to people.

When we had our fund raising event last week in the Hill Station I was once again moved by everybody’s presence. By the attention in the room, by the shared intention to see the humanity in the people we are working with. By the enraptured faces of the children listening to the storyteller, Sef Townsend. By the generosity of all our amazing performers, Jean-Bernard Marie, Adrian Bradbury and Oliver Davies, plus a lively finale from Tango’s Descent. Thanks to to Brockley Brewery for their support on the beer and Bosco and Bee for delivering up many many delicious pizzas.

Thanks to that event, and previous ones, and the Hilden Trust and generous donations from members of the community we are now at 87% of our fundraising target for this part of the project.  Our campaign on Justgiving allows for direct donations and for you to set up your own fundraising page if you want to do something for the campaign.

2016-10-07-19-00-17  2016-10-07-19-21-29

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